Shareholder Analysis

Financial Summary
Status AIM
Stock Code DKL
Sector Food Producers
Financial year end 31 December
Total issued share capital

352,273,423 Ordinary Shares

Total voting capital


Percentage issued share capital not in public hands 30%

Key Shareholders
As of the 27 December 2018, the Company is aware of the following persons who hold, directly or indirectly, voting rights representing 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company to which voting rights are attached:

Name Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of Enlarged Share Capital
Youval Rasin 64,875,115 18.4
Miton Group Plc 47,980,962 16.05
Biopalm Energy Ltd 35,455,111 11.86
Yossi Inbar 15,825,548 5.29
Shai Kol 27,302,461 7.8*

* Shai Kol’s entire shareholding is held through Yardeni-Gelfand Trusts (2000) Ltd.

Last updated: 27 December 2018

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