DekelOil is a large-scale palm oil production operation, located in the Côte d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast. The company's extensive agricultural and oil palm processing infrastructure includes a computerised oil palm nursery with a capacity of 1 million plants per year, supply agreements covering 27,000 hectares of local oil palm estates, 1,886 hectares of company plantations and a 60-ton per hour FFB processing mill.

Incorporated on 24 October 2007, DekelOil Public Limited is the 100% owner of the profitable and vertically integrated Ayenouan palm oil project in Côte d'Ivoire, which includes one of West Africa's largest crude palm oil ('CPO') mills

Our operation sees DekelOil take oil palm feedstock from approximately 28,886 plantation hectares (27,000 hectares of local smallholder and cooperative plantations, partnering on long-term supply contracts, and 1,886 hectares of company estates). The company also has rights over 24,000 hectares of expansion land, which would be used to provide additional feedstock for the production of crude palm oil (CPO)

A computerised nursery capable of handling 1 million seedlings is operational and feeds our 60-ton per hour state of the art, modern mill. DekelOil oversees the entire production process where we are capable of producing 70,000 tons of crude palm oil per year, making DekelOil one of the largest producers of palm oil in West Africa

A multi-disciplinary team of experts drives DekelOil’s development. The team has broad know-how and experience in the development of large-scale projects across Africa and elsewhere, which includes highly qualified agro-industrial specialists. Since the commissioning of our new mill, we have signed a number of supply agreements with leading buyers of CPO.