Palm oil production
from the Ivory Coast
Benefiting stakeholders, shareholders
and investors
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Computerised, fully irrigated
palm oil nursery
with a capacity of 1 million plants per year
(6,000-ha equivalent)
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Feedstock contracts with
over 5,000 smallholders
and cooperatives
over 27,000 ha of existing plantations
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State-of-the-art palm oil mill
now in production
Capable of processing 60 tons of FFB
per hour and 70,000 tons of CPO annually
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Raw Cashew Nut Processing Project in Tiebissou Côte d'Ivoire
Now Under Construction
Capable of processing 30,000 tpa of RCN
in the heart of Côte d'Ivoire's cashew producing region
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Our vision: DekelOil aspires to become a leading Agro industrial development company in West Africa creating value for shareholders, whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on the interests of the environment and the community. DekelOil respect and value the individuals constituting the DekelOil family by creating true long term social and economic partnerships.

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About Us

DekelOil is a large-scale oil palm production operation, located in the Ivory Coast. The company's extensive agricultural and oil palm processing infrastructure includes a computerised oil palm nursery with a capacity of 1 million plants per year, extensive supply agreements and a 60-ton per hour mill now in production. DekelOil has 100% ownership of the project.

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Palm oil, the most widely used edible oil in the world, is used in hundreds of food products, including margarine, chocolate and oven chips. Food use currently accounts for an estimated 80% of total demand, although demand for palm oil as a low-cost feedstock for the biodiesel sector is growing fast. Watch our latest update. 

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